giovedì 28 giugno 2012


L’argento in squame franto
pesa come un’armatura lucente
scudo si fa di liquidi sussulti
battono cuori profondi nell’oltre
degli abissi oscuri ove il raggio frange
di luce ad echi ascosi scrigno
che abbaglia per non sentire
l’urto d'onda vibrante d'opali 

2 commenti:

  1. Is it snowing where you are? This painting is so cold. You caught that very well. I'm sorry, but I'm not much for poetry. I never wanted to sit around trying to figure out what the writer was trying to say in metaphors, but this one reads appropriately. I prefer the sunflowers of a few posts back, but here it's summer and I hold on to every warm minute of this glorious season.

  2. I also love the summer...this place is a salt that I attend in the summer (stintino- sardinia) seen in winter, the reflexes are not quite cold snow but the night light on the waters of the lagoon in the winter... in your honor I'll try to add translations of my metafhors even if they are not very good at foreing langueges. GRAZIE CIAO